What can I do for you?

I make sure your killer mobile or web application comes to see the light of day, plain and simple! You got the idea, I got the skills. With my engineering background, design affinity and experience, you can expect deep understanding of the technologies I'm working with and maximum attention to details and to your users.

I can also:

What? I didn't talk about my technical skills?! Ok, no problemo. I'm very skilled at C, C#, Java, Javascript, HTML5, CSS and many others. I can do awesome things with NodeJS and Android. Back-end development is my superpower. When I REST, I dream about JSON. Every outcome of my work lives in Git. And I praise the Design Patterns, TDD and Continuous Integration gods. Ok, I'll stop now... Like what you read?

About me

André Jonas hosting ISELTech'13
André Jonas hosting ISELTech'13

Hi, my name is André and I'm a 26 years-old geek from Portugal. I've been taking a degree in Computer Science and Engineering at ISEL and at the same time teaching web, mobile development and design at Formabase and doing freelance for various customers. I love teaching or helping people give birth to their ideas (sometimes I even do it for free. shhhh, tell no one).

I would be around 7 years-old when I played my first game on my mom's friend pc. It was a black and green screen old volleyball game. I can't remember the name but it was the most fascinating thing my eyes had seen so far. Since then I've been trying to learn and do as much as I can with computers and technology with the same fascination and curiosity of that 7 years-old child. I've hacked electronics, trolled the Internet (like this one time I did a script to download photos of barely naked babes from twitter), won competitions (Microsoft's PizzaNight and others) and hosted events (ISELTech'13).

Right now I'm focused on my work as a freelancer and consultant, helping people develop their ideas. I'm also working on some of my own projects (I also need help on them).

Some key points about me:


In a few years I want to be running my own startup, to have my own team of extraordinary people. I'm not seeing myself working for a big corporate, you'd have to get me really excited about the product/service.

Thou shall follow me!

Add, follow, comment on the social networks or check some of my work on GitHub and Bitbucket. If you want to get in touch just @mention me on twitter or e-mail me. If you want my phone number, you can just ask. Also keep in mind that I'm on GMT+00:00 so I'm sorry if I won't reply right away!